Content Writing Tips for Beginners – Definitive Guide (2021)

Content Writing can be tricky as you need to know what to write about. We have seen bloggers asking for Tips on Content writing on forums and other websites. They want help and help is on the way. 🙂

In this tutorial, I’ll share basic Content Writing Tips for Beginners and help you grow.

I hope you already know how blogging works. If you are just starting out, read our guide on How to Start a Blog and choosing your blog names.

We use WordPress for blogging. It’s the best out there, so would recommend the same.

Now, let’s get you started..

Content is king, Read about it

You are not alone. Everyone wants to read something that brightens their day. Acquiring knowledge about your topic can help you write more freely. Reading is one of the most important aspect of writing properly.

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Read about topics related to your niche and do your research.

This will not only help you gather information, it will also improve your writing skills.

Reading not only helps you with skills, it also tells you what the post is about. Knowing your reader is first step to Content Writing.

Know what you want to write

Now that you have read and read and are ready to write on a topic, are you sure you know what to write about?

If you are sure, start right away, If not, do more research. If you know, continue reading.

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These are some key points when it comes to writing on a topic.

Write a Compelling Title

Titles are like headlines in the newspaper. One reads a story or news only when the Title is compelling enough to grab their attention.

Do the same with your searchers. Once you know which topic you are after, create a title that will turn heads and use it.

Headlines should include your focus keyword, ideally be between 55 to 70 characters, and contain a 6 to 7 word count as shared in our On Page SEO Guide. It helps Search Engines identify the topic and index accordingly.

It also tells your searchers what the post or article is about.

Keep your content simple

Content should be as simple as it can. Keep in mind, not all searchers coming to your site are Literature graduates. Most of them want information minus jargons or hard to understand words.

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Formatting is something you should do on a daily basis. Your content needs to be formatted so it is easy for readers and Google to scan and understand.

Long pages of text can be difficult to read online, especially on small smartphone screens.

Online readers tend to scan through content to find points that they are interested in, rather than plowing through a long article.

Instead of paragraphs of three to four sentences, break your writing into short paragraphs of one or two sentences so it is easier to read. Use bolded sub-headings to separate your content into topics or ideas, so readers can easily find the concepts that interest them.

Numbered lists and bullet points are popular formats because they are easy to read.

Organizing your content this way also helps Google to index it so it gains a higher search position.

Keep Tone, Voice, and Perspective Consistent

Few things, I often see inexperienced writers struggling with are perspective, tense, tone, voice, and all of those other subtle technical elements of grammar that come naturally with practice.

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Remember, neither you nor the reader is a robot. Humans need interaction. Put that in your posts and bring it to life.

Also when you write content, try to avoid passive sentences. In other words, make sure to convey the right message in the simple and present tense.

Describe your topic but no keyword stuffing

I’m a professional writer and I do my homework well before coming down to creating a post. After all, everything boils down to the searcher’s intent and attention.

If they want to know about ‘how to tie a tie’ and your content is about ‘how to a tie a tie’, it’s well and good.

Since the topic is too narrow, you may want to write more. Don’t be afraid to do that. You just need to keep some points in mind.

  1. Keep the content relevant.
  2. Use Keyword variations to make it more conversational.
  3. Avoid keyword overstuffing.
  4. Make use of sharing links from other sites which support your topic.

Proof your content

Proofing your content may seem like an unnecessary addition to these content writing tips for beginners, yet the internet is full of blogs and other content that is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Your content represents your business online and may be a customer’s first contact with your brand – so poorly proofed content can actually damage your company’s image.

Using a word processing program to check spelling and grammar mistakes is helpful, but can leave you with homonym errors. For the best results, have another person check your writing for mistakes.

If that is not possible, Grammarly is a free tool that does a good job of finding common errors.

Develop a Style

Over time as you do more Content Writing, you can develop a style.

You’ll find the way you like to express your ideas with the use of lists and formatting or Headings and sub-headings. Your style will eventually define you. Practice and Write more posts. Develop a Style and connect with your readers.

Keep writing. Content writing or SEO Writing, as some may call it, is a long-term investment, and it’s a skill that never stops improving.

The more you keep going, the better you’ll become.

If you are looking for some kick ass off page seo tips, check our guide on Guest Blogging.

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