5 Tips To Building an Email Marketing List that Converts

I assume you know how powerful email marketing lists can be. As a Marketer, I prefer to brush up my expertise with outreach emails as it is one of the most effective communication channels available today.

So, how does one build a great list for email marketing that gets results for your business?

This guide will make it easy for you.

What are Email Marketing Lists?

Simply put, an email list is a list of individual email addresses that you have permission to send email campaigns to.

Email lists can be built in a number of ways, and could include people who have:

  • Purchased something from you
  • Subscribed via your website
  • Signed up for your product
  • Given you their business card at an event

Why should you build an Email list?

Now that you know what an email list is, it is important to know why it is important to build one for your business. There are numerous benefits to building an email list for your business.

build your email list

Email Marketing gives you complete control over your campaigns and how you communicate with your subscribers. With things like Social Media and Digital Marketing changing and updating on regular basis, you don’t have control marketing and advertising. Adapting to these updates and changes is a must if you want to compete and gain success in the long term.

Hence Email Marketing is one of the most important feature you should use to promote your business. When you use email marketing, you have complete control over your email list. You can remove or add people to your list. Email marketing also gives you the power to segment your list, so you can send specific emails to different subscribers.

When it comes to online marketing, you want to have as much control as possible. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your subscribers on regular basis since it will create a friendly environment and boost your sales too.

Make use of Email Marketing platforms like Mailchimp to create your lists.

5 tips to help you build a quality email list

Now that you know the importance of making an email list, it’s important to know how to build one. Here are the 5 tips to help you build your email list.

Include Email Signup forms in your website

One of the best ways to obtain emails for your email list is through your website. Many leads visit your website to learn about your business. As they are learning about your business, you want to ensure that you capture those leads.

Place your Signup boxes and bars at places where visitors can see them. Placing a small bar at the top or bottom of the page is also advisable. If you want to take a more forward approach, you can use a pop-up email sign up box that is triggered when someone enters a certain page or gets to a certain point on the page.

Email subscription popups are one of the best tools to get regular subscribers as they look professional. Customize them to suit your website and visitor’s choice for best results.

Opt-in for Updates on checkout / exit

Okay, you got a lead and did good business. Is that the only thing you wanted?

email subscribe on checkout - randomblogger.com

Not really. I would like to continue doing business with my customer. So should you. When leads convert, it may seem like the end of the road. The goal of your campaign is to get people to buy your products or services. It is important, however, that you keep customers interested in your business.

The most innovative and efficient way to keep in contact with these leads, is by encouraging leads to sign up for email notifications when they check out. This is a great opportunity for you to encourage them to hear more from your business.

When you use build an email list for marketing or business, you’ll want to obtain subscribers that have already made a purchase from your site. This enables you to stay in contact with these leads and encourage them to convert again later.


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One can use other methods to capture leads that are interested in your products. Create advertisements that appeal to interested leads and entice them to sign up for emails.

You can create ads on Social Media websites like Twitter, Facebook etc., and posts on your page to encourage people to sign up for emails to receive special offers. It’s a great way to capture leads that would be interested in receiving emails about your products.

If you want to capture more credible leads, you’ll want to enlist in other methods to help you obtain more leads. It will help you build up your email list.

Create a Blog

start your wordpress blog

If you have read our posts on How to Blog or Blogging basics, you should know how a blog works. Blogs are not only informational, they also create an environment where a writer / promoter can converse with potential buyers or leads.

Blogs attract leads that are looking for information. They want to find helpful information that will help answer a question or resolve an issue. You can attract these leads by creating your own content.

If you want to use this approach, you’ll want to integrate email sign ups on your pages. You can integrate them into the blog posts or create a pop-up box sign up at the end of the page. This is a great way to earn more leads for your email list.

Offers and Discounts!

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Who doesn’t like a discount? Everyone does. I do. So do you.

Entice your searchers and visitors with some discounts and offers to make them sign up for Newsletters. People love to get offers that entice them to sign up. There is an immediate benefit to them, so it makes it more tempting to join your email list.

If you want to gain more subscribers for your email list, it is best to consider making an attractive offer that they can’t resist.

Extra Tips

Make your marketing email easy to share. These emails can bring extra leads or signups if they are in proper formats and easy to share.

Since a subscriber can help you generate more leads and business, it is vital that you make emails that are easy to share and convenient to read.

This is an important part of your business because it helps you reach leads you may not reach otherwise. Your audience has numerous connections and some of these connections just might be interested in your business. It’s a great way to obtain additional leads for your email list.

email marketing lists can be shared by subscribers - read on randomblogger.com

Also, be sure to take your time to build an awesome Email Marketing List.

A great list doesn’t happen overnight. You need to put in the effort to attract credible leads and build up your list. It will take some effort on your part to obtain the right leads. You can use other digital marketing methods, like search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing, to attract more credible leads.

By using these methods, you will get more qualified leads that can turn into subscribers.

Wrapping it up!

Email marketing has the power to help you earn more leads and conversions for your business. Take your time and create that awesome list you always wanted. Use it to promote your business and products. And don’t forget, Email marketing is not only about promoting your business, it should also share information and ideas that are related to your business.

I’ll add more to this article soon.


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