Guest Blogging in 2021 – The Definitive Guide

Guest Blogging is one the most important ranking factors these days. Most of us might have heard about it already.

Ranking at the top of Google is something everyone would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, with more than a billion active sites on the internet today, and only a limited amount of spots on the first page of Google — it’s quite a tough task to accomplish.

This mission may even seem more impossible if you are trying to rank for a highly competitive term, or are in an industry where there are already some huge players with big marketing budgets, such as personal finance, dating, or weight loss.

The good news is that on the internet, individual bloggers and those who are looking for ideas on how to start their own blog, are on a somewhat level playing field when it comes to SEO and attracting new audiences.

With so many opportunities available with long tail keywords and worldwide audiences to target, it’s simply a matter of creating the best content possible and knowing what link building and site promotion methods work best.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to be focusing on guest blogging, covering what it is, why it works, and how to start using it to help your site or business rank higher in Google today.

Let’s get started!

What is Guest blogging

As you can imagine, with so many websites and blogs on the internet today, there is a never-ending demand for new content on pretty much all websites. Many of the top news and information-based websites on the internet today are actually powered by a team of freelance content creators and contributors who provide high-quality articles in exchange for exposure.

What’s even crazier about this process, is that many of these content writers are providing their work for free in exchange for getting an author profile and some exposure through these huge websites. Just imagine being able to get your written work published on a major news outlet like Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffingtonPost or even Mashable. It can happen… but that’s usually only going to happen after you’ve already established yourself with guest blogging on various other smaller sites.

How does Guest blogging work

Guest blogging is very common in the world of blogging and works extremely well to not only bring traffic and exposure to new sites and writers, it’s also a great way to build a trusted brand and show off your individual expertise in the process.

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While the concept of guest blogging is nothing new, it has been getting a lot of attention over the years and even some from Google as well. As with any link building method, there are always going to be people who take shortcuts and try to cheat the system. If you want to make guest blogging work for you, you need to focus on high-quality content and backing up such content with references and a brand that people trust. You will also need to contribute content to only the highest of quality sites as well.

In reference to how guest blogging works, it’s simply a matter of reaching out to websites and seeing what the perfect opportunity is for you and your writing expertise. For example, if you have a website that is focused on finance and you’ve already written a bunch of useful articles on your own site, you might want to consider writing a useful resource on another finance website. Keep in mind, site content and relevancy is key when trying to make guest blogging work for all parties.

To find sites that are currently looking for content contributors, all you need to do is perform a simple Google search for something like “finance blogs guest writers” or “contribute content finance blog” and see what type of opportunities are out there.

Guest Posting in action

If you truly want to see the power of guest blogging and why it’s getting so much attention, then it’s best to look at some examples of what’s already out there. Below you will find two different examples of guest blogging being used in various industries and how the author is then provided with an author section and links back to their websites and social profiles.

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  • Search Engine Journal is a very popular site in the world of online marketing and blogging. Right when you get to their site, you will find a ton of their latest content right on the main page of their site. You will also notice there is a wide range of writers and experts contributing to the site — many of which are freelancers or providing content for free in exchange for exposure and showing off their expertise.
  • Emerging Women is an example of a female-based audience site that also comes out with a lot of weekly content. Just like SEJ, their site is made up of many different bloggers, content writers, and experts. If you were to visit the site and scroll down on any of the articles, you would find a nice bio section for the actual writer of each post.

While both of the examples above don’t publicly offer guest writing positions on their sites, the option is likely there if you know who to contact and have a solid history of online content writing.

Along with viewing a selection of guest blogging examples, you can also check out each of the references Below on the best working guest blogging tactics and how to get started with this process on your own.

  • Guest Blogging 101 – A quick and simple to follow reference guide on how to find the most success in the world of guest blogging.
  • A Guide to Posting for Guest Bloggers – When it comes to guest blogging, you really need to know what to say in your emails and how to form new relationships. That’s exactly what you will learn in this reference guide.
  • Keep These Guest Blogging Tips in Mind – Just like we mentioned earlier, if you are going to jump into the world of guest blogging, you need to make sure you do it right. Follow these four guest blogging methods to keep your site and brand safe.

Plan your Guest Posting Strategy

Like any other marketing strategies, a solid guest posting or guest blogging strategy will begin with knowing your goals. You cannot get to a place unless you know where you are heading from the onset.

The objective of any guest blogging strategy goes hand in hand with the benefits that we described above. It will help you to drive traffic to a particular landing page to get more sales and leads. Guest blogging will also help you to build awareness for your products, services, and brand.

Know your Goals

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The strategy also attracts inbound links to improve SEO. It will position you as an expert in the niche, and hence, more people will cite you and increase your speaking engagements. Guest blogging strategy will also grow your social media audience and the number of email subscribers.

You need to have any of the above goals at the back of your mind to develop an effective guest posting strategy. It will help you to build trust with the new audience that you are attracting to your brand.

Find websites for guest posting

First things first. You need to know which websites accept guest posts. It’s not that hard to find sites which have pages like, ‘Write for us’, ‘become a contributor’ or ‘guest articles’ etc.

Most of these sites have good chunk of articles which are of high quality. So, in order to get your post accepted, you’ll need to be on par with them.

To find the sites, make use of some of the phrases give below;

  1. (Topic keyword phrase) + become a contributor
  2. (Topic keyword phrase) + guest article
  3. (Topic keyword phrase) + write for us

common keywords to use to find sites for guest blogging

You can also get more suggestions about the search quarries from the Optimize Smart website. You can also type ‘guest article’ or ‘guest posts’ in the Twitter search box for more suggestions.

Identify the websites that accept guest bloggers and are actively looking for content. You should also look for sites that will help you to meet your own seo goals.

Make Contact

Once you have found the website you want to write your post for, you’ll have to contact them. The easiest ways to contacting are via Contact forms on their websites. Although, before doing that, make sure you know what they want.

Most website owners may already have good posts on their site. They won’t be looking for bad posts so you’ll have to be smart. The best way to do that is subscribing to their newsletters / updates and reading the articles being posted on the site.

With that, you’ll get an idea of what you should write on.

Also contribute towards their growth by sharing or liking their posts. These actions will help you to connect with the site owners. It will help you to develop a genuine relationship, and it will become easy for them to accept your request as a guest blogger.

Write great content

The topic you choose will determine whether your guest posting strategy will succeed or not. Once you know the sites that you are targeting, you need to get the topics that you will be pitching. By this time, you know what is popular on the website, and you should think about how you will add value.

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Do your research about topics that contribute. You can use tools like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to get an idea. Once you are set, write your content.

Content will either make your guest posting strategy to either win or fail. You need an article that will stand out from all the other blog posts on the website. The best headline will include the benefits that the reader will get, tap into motion, and use action words.

The best content will perform well and rank high in the SERPs. Search for relevant keywords so that you can optimize the most critical phrases.

Proper keywords will show Google and other search engines that the content is appropriate.

The post should match with other content on the website. Use proper formatting like use Headings, list, indents, images etc.

Give the site owner less work if you want your guest posting strategy to succeed.

Be Approachable

While implementing that awesome guest posting strategy, be sure to respond to all the mentions and comments on your post.

Blog owners are always eager to work with responsive guest bloggers. If you are great at replying to comments, helping other bloggers and doing more community work, they would want to work with you for years.

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You should also make an habit of self-promotion. It is a good tactic to promote yourself and your blogs on Social Media platforms, other blogs etc. Make sure to create an awesome bio as well. Not only will it help your readers and blog owners to know more about you, it can also pass on some important seo juice to your websites if you leave a link in them.


These tips will help you to plan and implement a successful guest posting strategy. You need to attract traffic that you can convert into leads and sales. It is the best way to become an authority figure in the industry and get more revenue.

If you are new to blogging, read about On Page SEO strategy for easy rankings.

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