Top SEO Tools to help you rank in Google (2021)

Google can be picky and if you don’t use right seo tools, you may go down. We all know how they roll out rank updates every now and then. Their upcoming update will focus on Page Experience. Now this may sound intimidating, but don’t worry, we have gathered everything for you and made up a list of Top SEO tools to use for best rankings.

We have categorized it for you. So, let’s crack on 😀

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the most important aspect for creating best SEO optimized post. If your blog is new then your primary focus must be on keyword research with quality contents. Let’s discuss some of the tools which can help you with Keyword research below.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner is pretty good. We know Google likes to keep data accurate and can share some good tips with you. We rank it among one of the Top SEO tools to use. Although we are only talking about SEO and keyword research, but you can also use it for AdWords or PCC campaigns.

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Long Tail Pro is a perfect keyword research tool. When you search your keyword using this tool, it’ll suggest you the keyword difficulty which is very helpful for both type of blogger, I mean if you are a newbie then you can easily guess the low competition on another hand if you are a pro blogger you can expect something more. You can also check the domain availability using this single tool. A lot of features in this tool, you’ll really love it. It’s worth to buy it.


This is one of the best ways to get an idea about your keywords. Just collect your competitor’s list and do check one by one with this tool for what they are ranking for. Now you will get the master keywords for your blog. You can easily rank for those keywords, just do one thing write higher quality content than your competitor.

Website / Page Speed Analyzer

Page speed is also one of the ranking factors these days. Google has already put down the importance of having a good and speedy site. So, analyzing your website, speeding it up is something every blogger / webmaster needs to do. We’ll share some tools that can help you with Page Speed Test.

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GTmetrix is one of the best tools to analyze and improve your blog’s speed. It’ll show your website’s speed from different locations and suggest you how to improve that if slow.


Most of the bloggers use this tool to analyze their blog’s speed. Higher the grade maximum the speed.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights Checker

If you’re a developer working on a site, now is a good time to evaluate your performance using our speed tools. Google is so obsessed with Pagespeed that it came up with it’s own PageSpeed checker tool. By using this tool you can analyze your page speed on web and mobile both. It’ll also suggest you to do necessary changes.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

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SEO is a must if you want to rank. If you are WordPress user, then there are multiple SEO plugins available for you to do your SEO job simple and manageable.


Yoast is by far one of the best and easy SEO plugin we have ever come across. It’s robust and flexible at the same time. Yoast SEO Plugin provides your On-Page SEO insights and helps you create SEO ready posts and pages.

With Yoast, you can optimize content for digital marketing campaigns and increase your chances of ranking as well.

Rank Math

Rank Math is another good alternative to Yoast. It is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.

Browser Extensions for SEO

It’s easy to make do with Chrome and Firefox extensions these days. They are reliable and good. Let’s talk about a few of them below.

SEO Quake

This extension shows you Alexa rank, page rank, domain age etc. You can also enable no-follow links from setting to find out do follow and no-follow links easily. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.


As discussed earlier in the blog post title generator. It’s good to create catchy headlines.


Helps you with Grammar, of course. Use it to create an awesome post or page with no grammatical mistakes whatsoever. Available on both Chrome and Firefox.

Broken Link Checker

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Broken links create nuisance to visitors. They create unnecessary 404 pages and redirects which in turn affect User Experience. So if your blog has broken links then promptly resolve them by using Broken Backlink Checker tool. This also helps in improving your SEO Rankings. This one is one of the Top SEO Tools in market. 🙂

Backlink Checker Tools

Backlinks is important for website rankings. They are essential to attain authority and should normally be natural. But as we know, not everything is natural. At times, you’ll find spammy backlinks pointing to your website or blog. You can use Backlink checker tools to monitor them and remove if they don’t match your niche.

Some of the free and best ones are listed below.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a free tool, developed by MOZ. This tool allows analyzing domain authority, anchor texts, top pages, domains linking to any site and much more.

Ahrefs Website Checker

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Ahrefs Website checker is free to use. Signup using your email and monitor various aspects of your website for free.

Wrapping it up!

Now that I have covered most of it for you, I hope you can kick it and make an awesome SEO ready website to rank in Google. If you need help in writing blogposts, see our guide on Content Writing to create awesome posts. Also check our post on Blogging Tips to make it big as a blogger. 😀

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